Go Fund Me - Sgt. Ernie

Vietnam Veteran Ernie Aimone has been a fixture on the Northwest side of Chicago for over 40 years and been a part of the team at Joe's Pizza for just as long - in fact, he more than likely has delivered you and your family a pizza during that time if you ordered from Joe's! He's a proud Chicagoan, and proud Sgt. (retired) of the United States Army, serving in Vietnam for multiple tours. While he's become a bit of a local legend, he has fallen on hard times as of late. Just a few nights ago, Ernie was carjacked by multiple individuals, who stole his phone, took his car for a joyride, and left the vehicle extremely damaged. Ernie's main source of income is through delivering pizza for Joe's, and his insurance company wants to deny his claim, as he was carjacked while working. Not certain if he'll be able to pay for the repairs, or potentially for a vehicle which will allow him to continue working, our community is stepping in to help out! It's at times like these where our friends and neighbors need us most! Please consider donating whatever amount you can in support of Ernie in the hopes of getting things turned around for him! Ernie proudly served his country, and has been delivering to our community for years; and now its time for us to deliver for him!