May 2nd, 2023

An Introduction to TRE® (Trauma Release Exercises)

Where: Arboretum in South Barrington, IL
100 South Higgins Rd.
(At the corner of Higgins Rd. and Route 59)
Space L-1
(between Georgios Pizza & Coopers Hawk)
7:00 PM
Reservations TBD.

Conducted by Jill Davis (certified TRE® provider)

TRE®, a series of exercises that help release deep muscular patterns of stress, tension, and trauma. These innovative exercises can help calm the nervous system and bring a sense of balance back to the individual’s body.

Moderated by Ray Piagentini (Founder of Project H.O.P.E. House)

The space was graciously given to us for use.
We are very appreciative of this kind gesture from the Arboretum.
The presentations are being held on the first Tuesday of the month starting in February 2023.