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The Health Benefits of Pet Therapy

By: Serianna Machesney Dehmlow, Intern

Project Hope House and Falling Forward Foundation


Updated on 30 August 2021


Have you ever thought of a reason why places you go should permit animals, especially pets? Is this because of the stress resulting from the long semesters in college? Well, the person who is a “workaholic” getting tuckered out after the fall and spring semesters is me. 

While studying at Upper Iowa University, I used many strategies to de-stress myself. But, there is one of my favorites that helped me the most and became my all-time favorite: Puppy Therapy.

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Every day, many people are making excuses on why they avoid donating their bodily fluids to save the lives of people and their communities, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. I also heard that people do not want to donate their bodily fluids; they are afraid to get side effects, and because of one thing they dislike most of all: needles. People do not like needles being stuck through their bodies.

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Have you or someone you know ever participated in a talent show hosted by your school or local community? What if there was a way to bring entertainment and fun to showcase people’s gifts and talents they have?

One of the ways to promote these talents within communities are Talent Competitions. What are talent competitions are and why are they important for communities?

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