Ray has been a guidance counselor for the past 38 years and recently retired from education in June 2018. He has been fortunate enough to make some great relationships in the Barrington area and decided that once he retired he wanted to give back to the families and community which have become such a great part of his life. Ray has his B.S. in Psychology, an M.A. in guidance and counseling, and an M.S. in Education/Administration.

Right out of college, he worked at Gordan Technical High School then moved on to Fenwick High School and finally St. Ignatius College Prep in Chicago before he spent 32 years at Barrington High School as a guidance counselor. One of his passions is working with the Dakota tribe in South Dakota. He created a program where he would bring BHS students out of the reservation for a week so they could immerse themselves in the Dakota tribes and learn their rich history. Ray incorporates much of the Dakota’s spiritual teachings into his everyday life which brings him much-needed balance when working with suicide prevention.